Cymon Taylor

Car Photography

My interest in automotive photography stems from my appreciation for form and design. When you combine that with a great location and the best light, that’s when the magic happens for me. The majority of my car work is for advertising, with a particular emphasis on auction houses dealing with some of the world’s rarest and most expensive cars.

It’s a true pleasure to photograph these exceptional vehicles, and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of doing photographic justice to objects of such historical and monetary value. My own petrolhead history has been centered on motorcycles, which explains my early years as a photographer for MotoGP and WSBK.

That led to work for Top Gear Magazine and a slew of other car publications, where I established myself as an automotive photographer. I’ll never forget my days motorbiking down to Monaco during F1 week in the late ’80s to photograph car auctions for Christie’s – the adventure of getting there meeting a fevered atmosphere, a frenzy of expensive motors in tiny streets, and endless obsessing over the perfect placement of the cars themselves.

I’d love to use my experience to help you realize your vision. Browse a selection of my automotive photography below and please contact me if you have any commission ideas.

Work from previous automotive photography commissions

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