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Cymon Taylor

Want to enhance your landscape photography skills in one of the world’s most alluring locations? You’ve arrived at the right place.

My name is Cymon Taylor, and I am a professional photographer based in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany and London. In Tuscany, I provide small group photography workshops and individual professional photography instruction.

Workshops - Tours - Tuition - Portraits


As a resident, for 11 months of the year, I offer photography workshops & tours in and around Tuscany, August is Italian holidays. 

If you are looking to join a fun and educational workshop and meeting like-minded people, then consider joining one of my group workshops & tours.

Seasonal Workshops

I offer photography a variety of workshops during the spring and autumn in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, Italy.

Are you coming to Italy on holiday, live here or visiting for business? How would you like to take home some memories to treasure while learning the fine art of photography?


As well as the standard group workshops, I also offer private workshops catered to more specific needs.

Maybe you would prefer a more tailored workshop or tour that is specifically designed for you or your group of friends. My private workshops do just that.

Why Tuscany with me?

  • I have been living and exploring Tuscany for over 20 years.
  • As a local I am available almost any time of the year.
  • Local knowledge means exceptional choice of locations.


Dirk SDirk S
06:57 20 May 23
I organized a 4-day workshop with Cymon for my photo club. Cymon really provided added value, listening to our needs, tailoring his approach to each participant and being always available. He is courteous, well-organized and knowledgeable. I can recommend his services, even as a seasoned photographer I learnt some new things.
Will DameronWill Dameron
04:18 30 Dec 22
I can't rate this highly enough. Great experience overall, and very enlightening. I took a course with Cymon focusing on lighting and shooting in-studio, and months later, I feel like I am STILL learning by reflecting on his lessons. His professional approach and patient teaching style was a great fit for me, as I feel it would be for learners of any level.We worked in his photo studio in Rigutino, a beautiful space that is very conducive to creative work. Technically, he is very skilled as a photographer, and he is also well-versed in the use of a variety of photography technology. This depth of knowledge allowed us to dig deeply and explore the ins and outs of every step of the process, from start to finish. And at the end of the day, we took some time to explore the area around the studio, which must be an absolute dream to shoot as a landscape photographer.As an intermediate-level young photographer this was sincerely an eye-opening experience that I feel helped me "level-up" behind the camera. I gained a new subtlety with lighting that has informed every aspect of my work now, and an understanding of the full process that has allowed me to begin working confidently as a photographer around my city! I would unhesitatingly recommend this photography workshop to photographers of all levels.
Alessandro IlluzziAlessandro Illuzzi
17:05 21 Dec 22
I had the opportunity to experience a workshop with Cymon Taylor in October. The day started very early with a briefing in the beautiful Tuscan countryside of the Val d'Orcia. In Cymon I met an eclectic, professional person ready to pass on new knowledge of landscape photography to me with great naturalness. We worked on some things that I wanted to focus on, both photography and post production and Cymon made them easy to understand. After the workshop Cymon didn't forget about me, to this day I ask and receive advice.I highly recommend giving yourself this experience!A day with a true artist who will make you happy by forgetting about the "alarm clock".
David LongstaffDavid Longstaff
04:56 21 Dec 22
I recently attended a 3 day photography workshop with Cymon in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy. I highly recommend Cymon to anyone looking for a photo' tour in Tuscany and an opportunity to improve their photography skills. Cymon is British but, having lived in Italy for many years, speaks fluent Italian and knows Tuscany and Val d'Orcia like a local. He took me to locations I would have struggled to find on my own. Cymon's flexibility for every photo' session meant each location was perfectly matched to the ever changing light and weather conditions. Cymon not only has an artistic eye but also great technical skills gleaned from his many years of experience as a professional photographer. He pushed me hard to perfect my exposure technique and taught me to look around the entire scene and zoom in on the details. I left Tuscany with a great portfolio of iconic shots but it is the tight pictures of lone trees and farm houses emerging from the early morning mist ( which Cymon encouraged me to take ) which are my favourites.
Leigh geisslerLeigh geissler
23:04 30 Sep 22
Best Italy photography courses, tours and workshops, unique investment.We had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a photography class with Cymon Taylor, a highly qualified photographer with a specific high-end background. I was already familiar with his precision shots and catalogue work (Christie's London, antique sports cars, artistic portraits, landscapes, and architecture), as well as his ability to capture both motion and emotion of racing bikes, horses and people. I was ecstatic when Cymon tailored the shooting sessions to our specific needs after hearing about his classes. Precision and impeccable organisation went from the first call, via preparations, and set up on location, all the way through to the aftercare, which was as dependable as ever. Every detail has been meticulously planned so that we can enjoy and savour every moment.Cymon is a fantastic guide and teacher who generously shares his vast knowledge and devotion, making each of us feel completely at ease (and I'm talking about my kids being beginners and me picking up where I had left off decades ago). We had a fantastic time with him. Each of us learned far more than we could have imagined, but the most valuable lesson was the contagious enthusiasm we brought home with us. I can't thank him enough for this; my kids and I have a great time taking pictures, each in our own unique way, and many people appreciate the evolving results.So, if you enjoy photography, I can only recommend contacting Cymon!
dennis buonfigliodennis buonfiglio
17:32 23 Aug 22
My family had just experienced a laid-back and enjoyable portrait session with professional photographer Cymon Taylor, proprietor of My Photography Workshop, so it was simple to choose from the wide variety of Tuscan photography workshops. After I signed up for my very first workshop, Cymon skillfully calmed my first concerns by learning the difficulties and grasping my individual objectives. A helpful "How to Prepare for a Photography Course" check list, a description of the workshop, and information on what to bring were emailed to me as a courtesy. On that day, Cymon persisted in dashing expectations with his professional attitude and his natural ability to impart the fundamentals of photography instruction. His straightforward parallels and terminology offer an enjoyable learning experience.I just hoped to learn how to operate a camera, but this session taught me the fundamentals of photography and showed me how to set up a straightforward workflow from capture to print.The finest part is how all the simple techniques, abilities, and numerous approaches to capturing the same object can be used to enhance your photography with the necessary practice.Even after the course, Cymon went above and beyond by guiding me through the color printing process so I could finish my final year's school project.
Pete HathawayPete Hathaway
20:47 21 Aug 22
"I had a grate experience with Cymon. I booked a shoot with him because I wanted to optimize my travel time while in Tuscany. I had no time to research locations. I started communicating with Cymon several months in advance and found him to be very responsive. He was punctual at the meeting location and very flexible about the shoot. Most important, he was willing to do what I wanted, but he had a plan. I learned a lot from him, which was not my original objective. Most important he said, "don't be afraid of manual". Be ready for a lot of new information!"
Francina KedongFrancina Kedong
19:35 21 Aug 22
Cymon is a great photographer. We spent the morning in Cortona to learn aspecialy about the light in photography. He is very patient and I learned a lot of him. Starting to take a real good look and observe the light before taking the picture. Thnx Cymon till next time