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Private group or one to one photography Tuition in Tuscany

If you’re serious about expanding your photographic understanding and perfecting your skills, whether you’re new to photography or on the verge of going pro, my individual mentoring photography workshops in Tuscany are for you.

Photography Tuition in the Rolling Hills of Tuscany

My photography workshop days, whether group or one-on-one, are ideal for complete beginners, and those looking to improve their photography.

Your workshop will be carefully designed to stimulate your photographic development in a relaxed yet productive environment. We’ll concentrate on the aspects of your art that you want to improve, and you’ll gain a wealth of on-location experience capturing images in Tuscany’s idyllic settings.

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What you’ll learn on this workshop

Your private photography workshop will cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals to the more specialised, ensuring that you leave with a better understanding of your craft. Whatever you decide to concentrate on, I work to ‘

“set the stage for photographic excellence” by imparting to you my wide photographic knowledge, helping you discover your personal style, and emphasising your abilities.

My primary area of expertise is teaching workshops for landscape photography, but I also offer the unique option of developing a course just for you. For instance, you might want to focus on


  • Developing your style, as well as your understanding of lighting and composition
  • Adding strong images –  to your portfolio every day of the adventure
  • A specific genre – I can organise shoots in a genre of your choosing with the goal of producing publication-worthy images while also providing you with real-world experience that you can use to launch a career as a photographer or begin a new chapter in your established career.

Whatever path you take, I’ll coach you to solve your photographic problems, pushing you beyond your perceived creativity and comfort zones. It is my intention to help you “build up” the photographer you already are. The vibrant atmosphere of Tuscany will inspire you to consider, compose, and capture images that will undoubtedly become valued additions to your portfolio.

More about your workshop

Each day will be broken down into three sections: dawn photography session, followed by image reviews and an evening golden hour photo session. While our programme is adaptable, following this three-step procedure will ensure that you have some exceptional new captures to add to your portfolio.

Fortunately, inclement weather is uncommon in Tuscany, but in the event of a storm, you’ll have the option of going out and shooting in spite of it – working in the aftermath of a storm can result in some particularly amazing images – or working on post-production. If you’d like to bring a partner, I’d be delighted to assist you in organising local activities for them.

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About your Tutor

I’m Cymon Taylor a professional photographer with over forty years of experience, and I’ll share my expertise with you via a structured itinerary designed to help you achieve your photography goals at your own pace. You’ll follow my unique instruction style based on the proven, work triad, walkthrough, exercise, and debrief. Then repeat, with a more challenging concept.

Developing a variety of relevant workflows is an important aspect of photography; that is, being able to use your time skillfully in order to get from capture to final exhibition prints as efficiently as possible. Simply put, workflows provide structure to the various phases of your creative process, aiding the development of your natural talent.

In my forty years of guiding assistants, fellow photographers, and, more recently, teaching workshops, I’ve discovered that slowing down enhances one’s capacity to perceive situations and make significant creative judgements.

We explore one location at a time, allowing you to gain a more complete understanding of appropriate workflows. Feedback confirms that unhurried photography accompanied by daily review in a few stunning Tuscan landscapes and villages is one of the best way to learn. Are you ready to become an enthusiastic participant of my slow photography instruction?


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