Val d'Orcia Photography Workshops & Tours

Seasonal landscape photography workshops
available throughout Autumn & Spring

These Val d’Orcia photography workshops & tours are ideal if you want the most personalised instruction and shooting time possible.

I’ll be shooting alongside you while you’re out in the field, helping with image acquisition, composition, and the development of your personal workflow process.


small group photography workshops tuscany. Val d'Orcia Photography Workshop

Experience the magic of Val d'Orcia

Come to Tuscany for a seasonal Val d’Orcia photography workshop & tour. You will spend your days exploring lush landscapes in the spring and fall while you advance your photographic knowledge and abilities.

Medieval castles and isolated farmsteads, rolling green hills and hilltop towns, evocative olive groves and umbrella pines will be the focus of your attention. Daily photo sessions take you to breathtaking vistas in and around the Val d’Orcia, with free time in between to independently explore the Renaissance cities of Pienza and Siena.

We’ll work on a flexible schedule based on what you want to accomplish. Whatever your objectives are, you’ll be building a solid portfolio of images as you capture Italian landscapes in the best available light.


A landscape photography paradise

I invite you to join me on your own tour and workshop in Tuscany, where you will be inspired by the scenery and immersed in the magnificence of Italian culture. A typical workshop includes the following activities:


The Perfect Location for Photography

Val d’Orcia has a long tradition of encouraging the arts, making it an ideal location for expressing yourself. Nestled in the foothills of west-central Italy, it’s a truly breathtaking part of the world. It must be photographed and experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated.

Many visiting photographers continue to be inspired by this photogenic region of Italy. Join me in Val d’Orcia to experience, capture, and enjoy the region’s unrivalled beauty.


Idyllic Scenery

Your days in this idyllic part of Tuscany will begin when we set out to capture spectacular sunrise images in locations near Terrapille, Poggio Covili, Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, or Belvedere.

On the first day, we’ll meet in San Quirico d’Orcia’s Piazza della Libertà and have lunch at the Officina del Gusto. With a healthy variety of seasonal, locally harvested produce and rich provincial flavours washed down with some fine Tuscan wine, it’s the ideal introduction to authentic Tuscan cuisine.


Sunset in San Quirico d'Orcia

We continue with an initial briefing in the early afternoon before departing for the famous ‘Cipressi’ of San Quirico d’Orcia for our first photo session at sunset.

After capturing our golden hour images, we head to dinner at the Antica Trattoria Osenna in San Quirico to sample another selection of locally produced dishes.

Beautiful misty sunrises

The second day begins before dawn, when we depart for our shooting location, carefully calculating and preparing our compositions to take advantage of the available light.

You will capture the sunrise in some of the most iconic locations such as Terrapille, Poggio Covili, Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, and Belvedere.

After the morning photography session there is time set aside image reviews and editing tips. Alternatively, you will be free to visit the beautiful villages of Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino in full autonomy.


A variety of locations

We reconvene for a briefing before departing for the hills between San Quirico and Pienza for our late afternoon session, which will include capturing the evening golden hour and sunset.

When the optimal conditions have passed, we’ll head to a Trattoria in San Quirico for an evening meal of many traditional local dishes.

The last two days of any Tuscany photography workshop or tour follow the same schedule as day two but are held in different locations. Your final day, evening shoot, will take place at a location of your choice, where the workshop will conclude after sunset.

Please keep in mind that workshops, tours & courses may be changed due to local weather conditions or circumstances beyond my control. Rest assured that any changes to the itinerary are only made to ensure that you get the most out of your Tuscany photography workshop.

Upcoming Val d'Orcia Photography Workshops

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