Photography Workshops and Tours in Italy

Improve your photography amid the beautiful landscapes of Italy

I am situated in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, between the Val d’Orcia and the Valdichiana, and offer a variety of small group or individual photography workshops and tours throughout the country.

Everything you’ll hear in my photography workshops, tours, and courses is opinion based on experience. In a career that began with large-format plate cameras, I’ve been involved in photography for over three decades and have gained a wealth of experience while embracing the dawning of three photography revolutions.

Working side by side, using this wealth of knowledge you’ll achieve your photography goals in Italy.

Benefits of a photography workshop

Invest in yourself

learning new skills and experimenting with new concepts and ideas. Become familiar with new techniques that will push you out of your comfort zone and enhance your creativity.

New experiences

You'll get to capture places that most people don't get to see. It is widely agreed that the best way to improve your photography has always been to get out and shoot in inspiring locations.

All organised

Getting around the Val d'Orcia won't be a problem for you because everything is taken care of. Ideally you should combine your workshop with a longer holiday to further experience this magnificent area of Italy?

New friends

It's all about friendship and camaraderie in my photography workshops. You'll be meeting new people, exchanging ideas, anecdotes, and confidence building as well.

privileged coaching Cymon guided our family through a unique workshop for ‘young beginners’ and ‘old refreshers’. As a scholar I had taken a photography course which had filled me with curiosity and desire to learn more and become more confident. But only after decades I had the time to follow that dream. This personalised course solved my problem of revisiting information and discovering new techniques. Cymon’s exceptional way of transmitting his unique expertise has made us feel at ease with the camera and the iPhone; his passion combined with his capacity of sharing is so contagious that both my sons abilities now are surprising, and both are having great fun with photography.I absolutely recommend this privilege, we are all looking forward to plan another lifetime experience with Cymon.
4 Pete's Sake
4 Pete's Sake
Travel Photography Solution "I had a great experience with Cymon. I booked a shoot with him because I wanted to optimize my travel time while in Tuscany. I had no time to research locations. I started communicating with Cymon several months in advance and found him to be very responsive. He was punctual at the meeting location and very flexible about the shoot. Most important, he was willing to do what I wanted, but he had a plan. I learned a lot from him, which was not my original objective. Most important he said, "don't be afraid of manual". Be ready for a lot of new information!"
My First Photography Lesson Being an absolute beginner, I was naturally nervous before my first session - but Cymon Taylor of My Photography Workshop who is based in the region of Tuscany, Italy managed to allay my fears somewhat. It helped that both if us were able to communicate fluently in English. The initial stumbling block was my having brought a brand new camera. However, Cymon, being more adroit with such equipment painstakingly helped overcome the initial difficulties. We spent a lovely few hours day in the Val d'Orcia region. I tried to absorb as much as I could about shutter speeds, focus and ISO within the four hours I'd booked (less, after deducting driving time to the several picturesque locations). Upon hindsight, it would have taken another (lengthier) session to bring me up to the next level, but my multi-town journeys proved a slight hindrance. I'd definitely look Cymon up again should I visit 'his area'. His patience and willingness to share cannot be overstated.
Jane Spalding L
Jane Spalding L
Photography workshop while on vacation in Tuscany Cymon was a great teacher, and an interesting person to spend the morning with. We worked a great deal on the basics of exposure, and I was able to take away a far better understanding of my camera, that I will be able to use in the future. I would recommend Cymon's workshops for any photographer, of any level, who wants to improve their skills.
Steve Hixon
Steve Hixon
Great Photo-Guide! I am an avid photographer and try to blend my photo bucket-list with sightseeing trips with my wife. This year is our 40th anniversary and so we decided to return to Italy, one of our favorite places in the world. There was a list of spots I wanted to shoot, but I also realized that you can waste a lot of time finding exact locations, lighting conditions, etc. I knew we would be in Tuscany near the Val d’Orcia, so I looked online for a guide and happily found Cymon Taylor. Cymon is British but has lived in Italy for many years.We connected via email and arranged to meet very early one morning near Pienza. We spent the next several hours together photographing some beautiful sites. Cymon is a born teacher wth decades of experience, so even though I would call myself “advanced” he showed me a number of new tips and challenged some of my thinking regarding exposure, camera angles, sunrise shooting, etc. Cymon was engaging, encouraging and a lot of fun! He even took me to his favorite local coffee shop and we talked about the beauty of light, post-processing, cameras, lenses and life in general. He guided me to several wonderful spots I would not have found on my own, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend Cymon Taylor as a photo-guide, no matter what your experience level. You won't be disappointed!
Excellent Workshops Highly Recommended It was an easy task choosing from the vast gamma of Tuscan photography workshops, as my family had recently enjoyed a relaxed and fun, portrait session with professional photographer Cymon Taylor, owner of My Photography Workshop. Having confirmed my first ever workshop, Cymon effortlessly addressed my beginners nerves by ascertaining the challenges and understanding my personal goals. A courtesy email was sent to me which included invaluable “How to prepare for a Photography Workshop” check list, an outline of the workshop and what to bring. On the day Cymon continued to impress with his professional approach and his ability to teach the essential photography basics so naturally. His use of simple comparisons and terms provide an enjoyable platform to learn. I just wanted to learn how to use a camera, while this workshop gave me general knowledge about photography - taught me how to establish a simple workflow, from capture to PrintThe best part is all the easy to use tips, skills and many different ways there are to capture the same subject, and how all of them can be applied to improve your photography with the required practice. Even after the workshop Cymon went the extra mile, helping me finish my final years school project, by running through the colour printing process.
Will D
Will D
Took my Photography from Intermediate to Pro-Level I can't rate this highly enough. Great experience overall, and very enlightening. I took a course with Cymon focusing on lighting and shooting in-studio, and months later, I feel like I am STILL learning by reflecting on his lessons. His professional approach and patient teaching style was a great fit for me, as I feel it would be for learners of any level. We worked in his photo studio in Rigutino, a beautiful space that is very conducive to creative work. Technically, he is very skilled as a photographer, and he is also well-versed in the use of a variety of photography technology. This depth of knowledge allowed us to dig deeply and explore the ins and outs of every step of the process, from start to finish. And at the end of the day, we took some time to explore the area around the studio, which must be an absolute dream to shoot as a landscape photographer. As an intermediate-level young photographer this was sincerely an eye-opening experience that I feel helped me "level-up" behind the camera. I gained a new subtlety with lighting that has informed every aspect of my work now, and an understanding of the full process that has allowed me to begin working confidently as a photographer around my city! I would unhesitatingly recommend this photography workshop to photographers of all levels.

Your workshop guide

cymon taylor photography mentoring

My name is Cymon Taylor, and I will be your photography guide throughout your visit to Tuscany, which has been my second home for over twenty years. Embracing the Tuscan way of life by immersing myself in the Val d’Orcia and its rich traditions.

I offer specialised photography workshops & tours in and around San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany, to meet your specific goals and cover topics relevant to your experience as a photographer. I bring years of photography experience to you, and whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro, I look forward to assisting you in improving your overall approach and specific techniques.

One of the fundamental aspects of photography is creating or locating light and then capturing everything that happens within it. Similarly, workshops are about helping you identify and develop the potential you currently possess.

Learn more about my other workshops, including the popular Val d’Orcia spring and autumn photography workshops, which teach you how to capture the beauty of the Tuscan seasons.

Workshop locations and type

florence photography workshops & tours
Siena - Val d'Orcia photography workshops and tours with Cymon Taylor.

Learn among inspiring scenery

Tuscany Provincial Workshops

Tuscany is a popular place for photographers, and also a great place to learn photography. It’s for good reason too. This beautiful part of Italy is packed with stunning scenery.

The quintessential sweeping vistas of rolling green hills dotted with cypress trees and red-roofed farmhouses all coated in an ethereal morning mist that comes alive as the morning sun crests the distant hilltops is a magical scene that seems almost to have been created for landscape photographers and painters.

However, it’s not just all beautiful landscapes. The numerous Tuscan towns and cities with their lovely streets lined with fascinating renaissance architecture, churches and castles perched upon hilltops each provide a wealth of great photographic opportunities.

popular location

Val d'Orcia Seasonal Workshops

The valley of Orcia, carved by the Orcia river, is home to some of Tuscany’s finest landscapes and vistas. Everything you imagine about Tuscany, you will find here: rolling mist-laden hills, isolated farmhouses surrounded by cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards glistening in the afternoon sun.

This lush green valley runs between the beautiful medieval city of Siena and Grosseto and is packed with amazing photographic opportunities between. Val d’Orcia was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004.

I live here and am familiar with these valleys. As a result, I offer highly specialised workshops that will introduce you to both classic viewpoints and viewpoints that others may be unaware of.

Val d'orcia photo tours - landscape photography workshops
Fog over Belvedere, Val D'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy. private photography workshops available
cymon taylor photographer san quirico tuscany
oak tree san giovanni d'asso

one to one tuition in Italy

Private Workshops

I’ve lived in Val d’Orcia for many years and continue to photograph it extensively. As an adopted local, I am uniquely qualified to lead private one-on-one or small group workshops and tours throughout northern Italy and beyond.

Your trip will be carefully designed by me to support your photographic development in a relaxed yet productive environment. We’ll concentrate on the aspects you want to strengthen, and you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience in creating a body of work in whatever province you choose.

Photography workshops for all levels of experience

All my photography tours and workshops are for photographers who are almost but not quite satisfied with their images and can’t figure out what’s missing. They’re for those who’d love to pick up their photography where they left off. And they’re for those who want to start again in the right direction, no matter how long it’s been since they graduated, got married, got a job or just quit school.

Include a Tuscany landscape photography workshop in your holiday plans, enjoy private tuition with a one-to-one photography workshop or discover the beauty of the Tuscan seasons with a multi day spring or autumn photography workshop.

Whatever your level of experience, I’d love you to join me for a workshop so that I can help you to explore photography at your own pace.

Free Consultation

If you have any workshop-related questions, I will gladly answer them during a free 30-minute consultation. Simply fill out the form or contact me using the information provided below.