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Portrait Photography Workshops

Learn the art of portrait photography in Tuscany

Tuscany is packed with great locations for learning and practicing the art of portrait photography.

In this workshop, you will explore the fundamentals of portraiture and learn techniques that will best help you communicate your ideas. You will learn how to understand the variables of natural light, and how to use these tools to achieve a variety of interesting styles and looks. Create powerful and engaging images while exploring your wonderful multifaceted backdrop, Tuscany.

The basic concept of this workshop keeps in tradition with always revisiting the exposure triangle and more specifically how it relates to the specific genre, in this case, portrait photography.

Choose your workshop location

I offer bespoke private workshops for individuals. Please contact me to discuss and plan your own workshop. I will put together a detailed itinerary and plan the location according to your wishes and learning goals.

In the various provinces of Tuscany there are numerous locations that provide the perfect backdrop for some creative portrait photography. The colourful cities and villages are filled with character.

We will examine the foundations of portraiture and discover approaches that will help you convey your ideas most effectively in this session. You will learn how to comprehend natural light variations and how to apply these techniques to create a wide range of engaging styles and effects. Explore this great, diverse backdrop, Tuscany, and produce compelling and captivating photos.

Most upcoming photographers do not realize it, but a solid foundation determines whether or not you succeed in the photography business. A foundation gives your photography a purpose.

Workshop information

During this workshop, I will educate you on ways to use your camera that are not provided in your camera’s manual. That includes what to consider when setting your aperture, the relevance of shutter speed, lens choice, posing and many more tips.

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Photography skills you’ll learn

  • The nature of light
  • The best equipment for new photographers
  • Useful accessories for portrait photography
  • Camera settings for natural light photography
  • How to use reflectors & diffusers to control natural light
  • How to photograph portraits with natural light
  • How to pick your backgrounds and set a style
  • Exposing for highlight and shadows
  • The best lenses for portrait photography
  • How to communicate with and pose your subject
  • Setting a mood and creating the atmosphere
  • Explore the fundamentals of portraiture
  • Understand the variables of natural light to achieve a variety of interesting styles and looks.


If you need help with accommodation, I have created a list of hand-picked properties.

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Simple mixed light portrait in the Val d'Orcia. Portrait photography workshops in Tuscany with Cymon Taylor.
Mixed light portrait of Roberto Bassan photographer

Location lighting

This natural light photography workshop covers a number of different techniques for when you’re photographing using only natural light

Light is a key function in any quality photography, as light determines the quality of the photo. Knowing how to manipulate light to create the perfect portrait picture is what makes the difference between a novice and a professional.

I will demonstrate various lighting techniques and equipment used in creating portrait images on location. I will help you in determining factors such as background exposure, your flash’s power level and how to deal with it, and the light position before you take that picture.

Artificial Lighting

An introduction to the basic skills and competence in handling studio lighting.

Expect to be educated on factors such as the operation of studio lights, working with different types of studio backgrounds, using reflectors to create or reduce shadows and much more.

Conclusively, my portrait photography workshop is meant to help you reach the potential you already have as a photographer. To guide you through the path with the basic knowledge and skills that you require to create a sense of uniqueness in your work. Explore some great Tuscan sites with me and learn to improve and perfect your talents through this educative workshop.

Studio portrait of James Trincucci Freestyle Motocross Rider
Portrait photography workshops in Tuscany siena tuscany
Portrait in Siena, Italy.

The art of portraiture

One of the key concepts is the importance of planning. How do you get one step ahead before you start shooting? There’s always a best time to shoot. Best light. Best weather. Best time of the year. Knowing when this is comes down to planning.

Portraits that are powerful can challenge, enlighten, or disturb you. The images captured during that magical moment in time capture the essence of your subject. Learn how to make portraiture compelling and memorable, whether you’re photographing family, friends, or business.

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