Metropolitan City of Florence

The magnificent Metropolitan City of Florence, situated in northeast Tuscany, covers terrain with differing geographical and environmental characteristics, including Mugello in the north, Montagna Fiorentina, Valdarno, and parts of Chianti and Empolese-Valdelsa.

Città Metropolitana di Firenze is in a basin crossed by the river Arno. Tuscany’s capital is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, brimming with historical relics and artistic masterpieces by the greatest Humanist and Renaissance masters. These creative geniuses, to name a few, left an indelible mark on the world’s architecture and art: Giotto and Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and Vasari, Michelozzo and Leon Battista Alberti. Three hundred and fifty of the one thousand most important European artists of the second millennium are said to have lived or worked in Firenze.

Florence, universally recognized as the cradle of the Renaissance, attracts both Italian and foreign tourists each year, who marvel at the magnificent churches, sumptuous buildings, and museums that make it so unique.

The Allure of Florence

The city’s allure extends to its surroundings, beginning with the natural amphitheatre formed by Florence’s surrounding hills, where unique places, such as the two stand-out, small towns of Fiesole and Certosa del Galluzzo, offer a magnificent panorama of the city. This entire region is made up of stunning landscapes, such as the Chianti Valley, where visitors can follow numerous arts or wine and food itineraries.  In other Comuni, ranging from Mugello to Valdarno, hold a variety of surprises, such as ancient castles, Medieval rural churches, and villas.

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Everywhere one turns, historical towns and art treasures make this province an endless paradise for those who are ready to explore photography. You will be in a one-of-a-kind province where nature and culture intertwine as if in a dream. Every town is eager to share its unique characteristics, a rich visual world just waiting to be discovered: Empoli has a rich cultural heritage contained within its 15th century city walls; Sesto Fiorentino is home to the famous “La MontagnolaEtruscan tomb; Impruneta’s terracotta production; or Borgo San Lorenzo, with the remains of its 14th century fortifications and magnificent church; and many others.

The Florentine territory offers an unexpected number of itineraries covering a wide range of photographic genres, making a vacation here an ideal opportunity to explore this enthralling province. The province’s vast agricultural landscapes, medieval towns and villages, and numerous examples of religious art and castles make this land a photogenic treasure trove just waiting to be discovered.

Several regional parks provide opportunities for close contact with nature, and the territory’s wooded hills and dense vegetation provide an ideal setting for creating images in natural settings. The river that runs through the gullies or calanchi (Badlands) that characterise the Castelfranco di Sopra area is one of particular naturalistic value.

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The calendars of the province are packed with interesting and exciting events, such as the traditional FlorentineRificolona,” a street procession and boat parade that takes place along the Arno River in September. On Easter Sunday, the Scoppio del Carro is held in the piazza in front of the Duomo in Florence. The Palio delle Contrade in Fucecchio is an example of a folkloristic event (June).

Every province of Tuscany has beautiful and unique offerings.  If you prepare ahead of time, you can’t go wrong in destinations where you can find everything. If you love food, this is gastronomic nirvana.  In many ways, Tuscany embodies the soul of Italy.

The sheer volume of subject matter, combined with a beautiful Mediterranean setting, makes this an ideal location to add and explore a photography session in Italy to your vacation, learn new skills, and create lasting memories from the best photography tours in Tuscany.

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